Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Ideas

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Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Douglas

The acoustic ceiling tiles covering the roof or frames of the floor, hidden heating ducts, plumbing and other structures. In office buildings and auditoriums, special ceiling materials improve the quality of sound and prevent noise interference from outside. The ceiling panels are usually attached to wooden or metal boards or slats or metal grids suspended. During construction, the builders placed plates of fiberglass insulation on the ceiling to help keep the temperature partner in construction. Each type of building material ceiling has special installation requirements.

Acoustic ceiling tiles are made of fiberglass, which contains wood fibers and chemical fillers. This material, which is softer than other materials ceiling and minimizes echo prevents transmission of external noise. According to Ace Hardware, acoustic tiles absorb up to 70 percent of the sound in an environment not wanted. These soft and light tiles break or tear easily if you cut with a knife that is not properly sharpened.

Also known as drywall, the drywall is common building acoustic ceiling tiles. Builders use screws or nails to attach the drywall to the ceiling and apply tape and drywall compound to the joints between the panels.  If the cast is nailed to the boards, drywall compound can fill the slot near the nail.

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