Affordable Mercury Glass Lamp

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Antique Mercury Glass Lamp

As there have been many comments and opinions, challenging the replacement of incandescent lamps with energy-saving lamps, indicating concern about mercury glass lamp, we see the need to clarify this important issue. Mercury is a hazardous material that has bioaccumulative effects throughout the food chain so it is necessary to take precautions. That is why by the plan relampingincandescent by low power is essential to the implementation of a separate collection plan, considering these lamps as electronic waste.

First, the energy saving Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) offer is 75% to 80% (4-5 times) compared to an incandescent lamp offers the same light output. While it is true that CFLs contain mercury glass lamp, the amount that each has is around 2 milligrams, a thousand times less than a clinical thermometer and a hundred times less than a traditional fluorescent tube. These data can be corroborated in publications of National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI).

The use of CFLs greatly reduces the environmental impact by saving energy involved. The burning of fossil fuels for power generation emits greenhouse gases and also mercury glass lamp. I.e. energy saving also means lower emissions of mercury to the environment.

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