Alluring Ideas Wood Ceiling Panels

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Acoustic Wood Ceiling Panels

Wood ceiling panels adds warmth and interest of design to any room in your house. Wooden boards are joined in distinctive patterns that suit rustic, shabby chic eclectic style, French or country styles of design. Camouflage a popcorn ceiling paneled obsolete, or build new roof structure for your front porch that honors past days.

A type of wood ceiling panels that can be used in any interior room of your home or on porch is a beadboard ceiling. Beadboard slotted panels are available in sheets of different widths and lengths ranging from 38 to 44 inches. Pre-primed panels beadboard friction is made of plywood, hardwood or pressed products, such as fireboard of medium and high density wood. Cover obsolete or damaged with beadboard panels to immediately improve design of their room ceiling.

Create an eclectic wooden roof with plywood panels and decorative wood trim strips. Spots or wood ceiling panels and attach paint on a date or directly on rafter’s roof. Be sure to use wood screws to hold panels in place; nails can loosen over time from weight of plywood. Improve plywood finished with random strips of decorative elements of stained or painted to contrast against wooden plywood. Position adjustment along seams created by joined panels and side panels.

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