Attractive Burlap Lamp Shade Tips

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Burlap Lamp Shade Decor

Good morning, today we will tell you how to recycle old lampshades, not to use, or change look of those we already have. This time we see a structure, any lamp with burlap lamp shade.  Burlap sack or can acquire it at any craft store. This type of fabric will be used to Give you a few ruffles and cover lamp shade you want. Remember that we disarm fabric having screen that will decorate. Base structure or you can paint it color or leave it. We remember that we can also make a skeleton of lampshade using wire.

Materials needed for burlap lamp shade, a glue gun, hot glue, scissors and an iron. With all these elements we will make this nice decoration. On one hand comment that amount of burlap be necessary depending on size of screen that we will cover. On this occasion they have used a meter or meter and a half of cloth.

Burlap lamp shade in waves design do not need to perform all alike, design will be much more attractive if we unevenly. Once all strips glued, let dry thoroughly and we have display list. Place this on structure of lamp bulb and choose where you want to place this decorative element.

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