Belt Driven Ceiling Fans

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Belt Driven Ceiling Fans  Glow

The firstĀ Belt Driven Ceiling Fans -was used in the United States 1860-1870.An exact date cannot prove itself. At that time, there were no electric motors for ceiling fans. The ceiling fan was Instead, by means of a belt drive and pulleys move. The belt itself was controlled by a steam turbine. With this system, a plurality of ceiling fans could be operated simultaneously.

These first ceiling fans with 2 wings were preferably used in bars, shops and offices. Some of these unique pieces can be seen in the southern United States today. The first electrically driven ceiling fan was brought in 1882 by Philip Diehl on the market. Diehl had designed the E-motor for the Singer sewing machine and 1882 used infelt driven ceiling fans

The then known as “Electric Diehl fan” ceiling fan worked like today’s modern ceiling fans. Thus, the cumbersome and expensive belts were no longer necessary. The new belt driven ceiling fans with electric drive was a huge success. Diehl developed the ceiling fan on. One of his improvements was a Lampe kit for the ceiling fan.

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