Best Parking Lot Light Fixtures

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Simple Parking Lot Light Fixtures

Perhaps most important and necessary (by law) obligation to install parking lot light fixtures must comply with local regulations. Codes will tell you how high light can be and how strong is power that should be for size of light. Making a very bright light too near ground could cause blinding in dark of night, which could also cause a car accident. Local electrical codes are available through county clerk or building and zoning committee.

Make a schematic drawing with detailed measurements of parking area is a necessary requirement for lamps. This step is crucial, as it will tell you how much light is needed to parking lot light fixtures area well enough for customers in area are clearly visible.

Enormous size and weight of parking lot light fixtures post must be supported by a solid and long-lasting basis. Typically, base is two or more meters high, with a width of at least 1 1/2 times size of pole width. Not all centers use basics, however, increase attractiveness of pole. With or without a base, pole will have to use concrete floor or ground for stability. Need for a mechanical digger to get required depth may also be necessary, depending on overall size of pole.

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