Easy Install Battery Operated Light Fixtures

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Battery Operated Light Cabinet

Battery operated light fixtures are usually not heavy, but they still have to be securely attached to wall. Usually a single nail is insufficient to maintain even a lightweight lamp wall. Protect your lamp (and people and goods that could be harmed by a falling lamp) for taking time to install your lamp batteries correctly. With right preparation, you can easily hang battery operated light fixtures in just a few minutes.

1 Keep your lamp on wall in desired location. Mark wall at top of lamp with a pencil.

2 Turn on lamp around and examine back of lamp. Measure distance from top of lamp at top of hanger, using a tape measure.

3 Measure same distance on wall, so a second pencil marks directly below its initial brand. Make a starter hole in wall with a punch in second mark.

4 Align tip of a metal threaded drywall anchor with previously drilled hole. Use an anchor in size to fit largest screw that fits into hanger lamp. Tighten anchor with a Phillips head screwdriver until anchor is flush against wall.

5 Insert screw anchor, and tighten screw with a Phillips screwdriver until only 1/4 inch screw is visible. Hang battery operated light fixtures in screw head.

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