Entry Doors With Sidelights Glass

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Entry Doors With Sidelights Ideas

Entry doors with sidelights – They are called sidelights because they are installed adjacent (to the side) of the door and they let outside light into your home.

Entry doors with sidelights glass typically may be added to enhance the style and appearance of any exterior door. Popular sidelight privacy choices include beveled and stained glass. Colored glass and beveled glass with leaded panes can mix light into the entry for a rainbow of colors. There are also several types of combinations to choose from. Unusual shapes and sizes can match the historical or architectural style of the home.

For example, a Craftsman built home may make use of transoms in conjunction with sidelights that feature beveled glass. Sidelight panels also add additional choices in expanding the entryway. Transom panels can be used along with the side panels for a major design update to the home in one complete package.

The entry doors with sidelights may also require substantial changes to the entrance of the home. Extra header studs and the opening up of walls will need to be a part of expanding the standard entrance size in the frame. This additional framework may have to double up studs to avoid creating a load-bearing issue with the wall.

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