Fluorescent Light Fixture Not Working

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Fluorescent Light Fixture Ballast Repair

Fluorescent light fixture – Denominated in the fluorescent trade. Consist of glass tubes with two electrodes at its ends, inside which small amounts of argon and mercury vapor; the inner surface is coated with fluorescent substances (phosphors) that convert ultraviolet radiation into red, so that the light emitted is white.

A fluorescent light fixture is a glass cylinder inside which a series of materials that combined produce light are housed. Each component is essential to produce light and that light has a certain color.

The materials used are phosphorus. The phosphorus coats the inside of the glass cylinder as a white film. Care should be taken if the fluorescent light fixture is broken and that coating takes the form of white powder, like talc, and is toxic. Why should not throw away fluorescent if not conveniently recycled. To operate a fluorescent be heated tungsten filaments (such as light bulbs) located at both ends of the glass cylinder. These filaments emit electrons when heated ionized (electrically charged) inert gas (argon and neon) by entering a state of matter called plasma (there are 4 states of matter, solid, liquid, gas and plasma). When gases are in the plasma state mercury atoms produce visible light but most are shown as ultraviolet light, of little use to us are excited.

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