Hanging DIY Light Fixture

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DIY Light Fixture Makeover

A new chandelier can add style to any room, especially one with a vaulted ceiling. Most new homes today are built with the necessary support and support electrical wires in the ceiling in areas such as the dining room and lobby, so you only need to make connections and hang the DIY light fixture. Contact an electrician to install wiring if your home does not come pre-installed with this wiring. Turn off the circuit breaker that controls the lamp power.

Place a ladder under the place where you are installing the chandelier. Raise the ladder and remove the screws holding the cover of the electrical box of the old DIY light fixture, if necessary. Disconnect the cables connecting the light to the electrical system of the house.

Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual to install the support bracket for your new chandelier. ┬áHang the DIY light fixture on the support bracket to the desired height. Depending on the level you choose and the chain length of the spider, there may be excess links must be removed. Use pliers to bend a link in the chain at the point where you want to shorten it. Slip off the excess chain links and fold to close the final link.

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