How Do Replace Wall Sconces For Candles

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Wall Sconces For Candles Design

Wall sconces for candles sconces are the lights above the bathroom mirror. One way to update the look of your bathroom is to replace these lights. Scones are available in centers for home improvements in a variety of styles and colors. Replacing the lamp off the wall requires electricity for lighting bath. Because of this, it is a good idea to carry out this project during the day if you have windows in your bathroom.

Remove existing wall sconces for candles. Place a table lamp or other light source on a flat surface in the bathroom. Turn off the circuit breaker in the bathroom. Unscrew the shadow applied wall sconces for candles unit. Remove the screws that secure the lamp wall of the wall sconces for candles to the wall with a Phillips screwdriver. Turn wire caps to the left with your fingers.

Install New Wall sconces for candles. Insert the wires from the house through the center of the new mounting bracket. Connect the cables as colorful house with wires apply. Place the new wall lamp wall sconces for candles on the mounting plate, putting the wires in the junction box.  Screw the bulb in the lamp socket wall and connect the new tone applied.  Turn the circuit breaker to the bathroom area.

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