How To Do Crystal Lighting Fixtures

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Semi Flush Crystal Lighting Fixtures

Beautiful crystal lighting fixtures are gorgeous, glittering over your dining table or winking welcomingly over your input. Immediately create a feeling of class and sophistication. Along with wonderful impressions they do, but also will create a lasting impression on your bank account. You can make your own crystal lamp with only a trip to the thrift store and crafts.

Education to do crystal lighting fixtures: remove all the bulbs and any ornaments that are attached to the lamp used. Lightly sand the device with fine grit sandpaper. Paint the device with several coats of spray paint. Use metallic or colored paint to match your decor. Allow to dry completely.

Thread 2-inch lengths of fishing line through the holes in the beads. Place the beads on the arms of the lamp, in particular around lights. Tie the ends of fishing line together to form a ring and cut off the excess. Place the icicle Christmas ornaments in the same way. Use hot glue to place beads and ornaments directly on the luminaries or to ensure a cycle slippery of fishing line.

Drape the garland over the arms of the lamp in a decorative way. Replace the bulbs and place new shades on new crystal lighting fixtures.

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