How To Hang Battery Operated Lamps

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Coloful Battery Operated Lamps

The beauty of a battery operated lamps is you do not have to worry about the availability of an electrical outlet or hire an electrician to add wiring and a lamp bulb. Battery operated lamp is an excellent choice for closets or pantries. Hang the lamp of battery operated is a quick fix for dark corners and deep storage areas.

Instructions to hang battery operated lamps: locate a solid wall in the area you want to hang your battery operated lamp. Place the batteries and lamp in battery operated lamp. Keep battery operated lamp in place, and turn it on to make sure the location you have chosen is the best for lamp penetration.

Pilot holes; hold the lamp at the location where the fixing screws need to go. Screw the mounting screws into the wall, fix the lamp in place. Write a note to your family reminding them to turn off the lamp or the battery will run out.

Tips to hang battery operated lamps: using compact fluorescent lamp bulbs will help save energy and improve lamping life. The use of rechargeable batteries is a good way to help the environment.

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