How To Install Tin Ceilings

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Tin Ceilings In Kitchen

The easiest way to install tin ceilings panels, first install a layer on the upper age limit. You can also use wooden slats, but the construction of a road is easier. You do not have to worry much about the installation as most manufacturers will give direct instructions for installation. If you are lucky and have wooden ceilings, then you can nail the panels directly to it. Tin ceilings panels need to be installed in a square.

This can be a problem because there is a room that is perfectly square. You need to find the center of the room. Divide the ceiling into 4 equal parts. After dialing the roof lines, install the crown cornice. Most of these cornices have flanges on one side of the length and have to be fixed by the ceiling. Before applying the panels, some pieces set on the floor to accommodate the pattern.

Also, be sure to paint before installation tin ceilings. For the first part you can use some tacking nails that are longer and can be removed more quickly if partially nailed. After all in place and that comply with the standard, and then you can remove the tacking nails and replace them with smaller ones.

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