Installing Ceiling Mount Light Fixture

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Artistic Ceiling Mount Light Fixture

Ceiling mount light fixture – When choosing the lamp, we must take into account the weight of it and the kind of roof we have in the room. In our case, this is a false ceiling of plasterboard, so that our light may not weigh much. Step by step to installing a ceiling lamp in room. The first thing we will do is shut off the power. As the lamp shall be suspended from a socket, we mark with a pencil the point where we will place the latter.

Ceiling mount light fixture, you will use a special plug for such plates. In the market you find different kinds of plugs suitable for this material; depending on the weight of the object to hang choose the most appropriate. Withdraw the guide, put the socket in your present position and suitably screwing the lamp in the ceiling to match the height you want.

Cut the wire to fit the joints and perform a terminal strip. After making the appropriate electrical connections, you close the terminal. Now we you can hang the ceiling mount light fixture socket and put the trim to cover the cables. You connect the power again and check that the new bulb works correctly.

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