Outdoor Light Fixture Are Installed In The Same Way

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Outdoor Light Fixture 2015

Outdoor light fixture – outdoor lighting fixtures are installed in the same way as indoor lighting fixtures, although the facilities are a little different. Exterior accessories are made of weather-resistant materials designed to withstand moisture if light in a brick wall, make sure that you have an appliance with a slightly larger than the existing lamp base, since you won’t have the option of touch-up paint around the appliance once you hang it. Turn off power on circuit breaker box lamp House. Remove the screws holding the old light to electrical box. Disconnect the cables behind it, revealing the box and leaving three wires hanging: black, white and bare copper.

Locate the mounting bracket for the outdoor light fixture. Put it against the electrical box and align the screw holes. Insert the supplied screws to fix it. Pull the exposed wire ends through the center hole of the bracket. Twist the wire’s bare copper around the Green screw on the mounting plate. Tighten the screw by turning clockwise. This is the grounding for circuit connection.

Connect the white and black wires coming out of the back of the appliance to the black and white wires in the electrical box, using wire caps to connect black to white and black to white. Outdoor light fixture nice for wall, press the appliance on the stand, so the basis of locking device is flush against the surrounding brick. Line up the holes for screws fixation and support. Secure the bracket with the screws provided.


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