Proper Wheel Height Of Foyer Light Fixtures

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Foyer Light Fixtures Image

Hang your foyer light fixtures too high, and guests will not notice your light fixture. Suspending the lighting too low, and you can count on visitors collided with the device. In addition to the correct height hanging, you need to determine which device will offer pleasing proportions for your input.

Large foyer will pale light fixtures undersized, jumbo frames and small items will appear embarrassing. Designers use simple formulas to calculate is the right height and size suitable for hanging foyer light fixtures.

Install the foyer light fixtures so that the lowest point is located 7 meters above the ground. If the foyer is missing ceilings high enough, you can hang your lighting 6.5 meters from the floor. Center the device across the room. If your home has a two-story lobby, hang the device a minimum of 7.5 meters above the floor. For maximum curb appeal, install the light fixture so that it is visible from the road, assuming the foyer offers a window above the front door.

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