Special Art Deco Light Fixtures

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Art Deco Light Fixtures Decor

Hi readers! In this article, we will speak about art deco light fixtures. Art Deco was known during his time as Art Moderne popularity. The 1940s gave the world Art Deco furniture and artwork and architecture. Deco lamps of the time used natural materials and modern echo made.


Art deco light fixtures experienced its pre-World War II heyday and beyond. Its predecessor was the Art Nouveau movement. Deco, shapes and materials such as wood and marble were common geometric. In addition, the lamps of this period often had stained glass screens and seemed futuristic.


Art deco light fixtures were in a range of different styles. Types include table lamps, wall sconces and chandeliers. Some of the lights of the time kept their modernist influences. As such, Deco geometric patterns gave way to more fluid lines and included Nouveau figurines like fairies and women dancing.


Many people who like Deco lighting cannot afford the old versions of these beauties of mid-century. In this case, the person seeking Deco lamp or chandelier might consider buying a replica. This route of acquisition offers many advantages, including the ability to find a particular model and spare parts for it.

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