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Antique Moravian Star Light Fixture

Star light fixture – Unique sleep projection lamp with a beautiful nova. If lit in our room, in langit2 and on the walls of the room there will be stars, seemed to be outside the atmosphere of the stars in the sky. Soft lights which seemed to make is bed more comfortable. This is called the star light.

Sleep Moon Star Projector Lamp or star light fixture, a unique rotating and suitable to accompany your sleep. Seemed to sleep under the open sky, the light reflect crescent and stars while rotating clockwise. There are several motives are:

1. Motif moon and stars only

This bed lamp can use battery power A3 (4 pieces), USB port (USB cable already provided it), Universal Adaptor and other alternative uses nokia charger (big end).

Want to feel the effects of water in your room? Projectors water solution. Projector is useful to give the effect of water around your room (bedroom, living room, bathroom, home theater room) projector this water works by using energy


1. This Projector can make our room atmosphere like in the water.

2. This Projector can be the speakers when connected with a variety of music players, such as mp3 player, mobile phone, iPod, etc.

Thus is information about star light fixture beautiful when you are using in the bedroom where you are.

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