T5 Light Fixtures

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T5 Light Fixtures For Garage

Fluorescent lights, unlike incandescents, are economical, more durable and consume less energy. For this reason, the fluorescent tubes are used in industrial, commercial and public facilities. The most common types of straight tube are T5, T8 and T12, available to a length of 8 feet (2.5 m). All fluorescent lamps need a ballast to operate, while older models also require a starter- T5 Light Fixtures


t5 light fixtures elected by construction companies. The low cost and duration 20,000 hours far exceed the characteristics of incandescent bulbs. However, because the magnetic ballast is less effective and the tube is larger, they have become less popular compared to T8 electronic ballast. T12 and T8 tubes are available in the same long, however, the common T12 does not operate properly and vice versa

t5 light fixtures is the number that indicates the diameter of the tube measured in fractions of 1 inch (2.5 cm). The diameter of the fluorescent tubes is measured in eighths of an inch. For example a T5 tube having a diameter of 5/8 inch (1.62 cm), an T8 tube has diameter 1 inch, or 8/8, and a tube T12 has a diameter of 1 inch and a half, is say 12/8 (3.8 cm)

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