Tools For A Suspended Ceiling

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Best Suspended Ceiling

A false ceiling, which is also known as a false ceiling, is often used in office buildings and retail stores. This type of roof is ideal because it can easily hide pipes, conduits while still providing easy access to equipment maintenance. Ceilings are also sometimes used in basements, where it can be difficult to hang drywall around pipes and ducts in the ceiling. A number of tools required for a successful installation suspended ceiling.

A tape measure is crucial not only for the correct measurement along the wall where the drop ceiling will crash but also to measure the cuts have to be made in the metal frame rails that hold the tiles correctly roof in place. Before you begin installing the suspended ceiling, mark the lines along the wall where it meets the ceiling.

A metal detector is an electronic device that runs along a wall and identifies where the studs behind the wall. Depending on your specific stud finder, it will be well lit when you’ve found a stud. Find the studs so you can nail the perimeter of the suspended ceiling frame on the wall. If you do not insure the framework of a stallion, the ceiling will not have enough support.

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